Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Puttin' on Weight

Dear Emmett,

Your mom just texted me to say that you weigh 3 lbs 11 oz today. Holy crap! I had no idea you had put on that much weight. I knew you had been growing, but that is amazing. You've put on over a pound since you were born two and a half weeks ago. I'm so proud of you. So apparently the nurse read the conversion chart incorrectly and you only weigh 2 lbs 11 oz. But that's ok, you're still on your way to getting big and strong.

Mommy is actually in the hospital right now because she has some blood clots. She is getting treatment for them and should be able to come home in a day or two. We were worried that she may not be able to nurse you because of the medicine she has to take, but it's looking like the doctors will be able to give her something that will not harm you. That's really good news, it means you can continue to grow big and strong.

I will see you later tonight and bring mommy down to see you again.

Your Dad, Jason

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