Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Five

Dear Emmett,

Your mom was discharged from the hospital today, which means she got to come home. You are still there and will be for a while still. We came to see you before we packed up and went home, and we had a really good visit. Your nurse fed you and you had digested all that she gave you at your previous feeding. We're so happy to see you digesting your food now. You were off your CPAP machine and we got to hold you again for almost an hour. It was wonderful to finally see your tiny face without all the breathing apparatus around you. The nurse gave you a tiny knit hat to keep your head warm. Perhaps I will bring you one that I made to wear while we hold you. You were very active and awake too while we held you. You squirmed around and made lots of squeaks. It's so great to hear your little voice even if it is just a peep.

We came back to the hospital to visit you tonight and luckily got to hold and feed you again. Your mom let me hold you the whole time since she will get to spend a lot of time with you over the coming weeks when I go back to work. I gave you the hat I knit for you while mommy was in the hospital last week. I fit perfectly and you looked so adorable wearing it.

I'm so glad you're off the CPAP machine now so we can see your sweet face. We didn't realize it at first, but they even moved the equipment out of your room, which means you're likely off the machine for good. That is wonderful news. See you tomorrow.

I love you my son,

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