Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Six

Dear Emmett,

Today was our first full day back at home, and we have started to realize how hard this is going to be. All the routine elements of life conspired to keep us from our schedule and we didn't get to see you right when we wanted to. We were able to come see you twice today though, so that is very good.

I held you on our first trip while your nurse fed you again. They increased your feeding to 10 CCs which is great news. Soon you'll be eating like a champ. When we came back in the evening, I held you for a while again, and then mommy held you skin-to-skin for the first time. She laid you on her chest where you could hear her heartbeat and you fell right asleep. I'm going to try it when we come to see you tomorrow.

You were off the bilirubin lights all day today. They will test your blood again in the morning, and if your levels are low, you can stay off them again. If your little liver continues to process the bilirubin in your blood like it should, then you won't have to get treatment any more. You'll get to have the velcro dots taken off your head and be much more comfortable. We'll keep a pair of your little shades for your baby book. See you tomorrow.

I love you son,

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