Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day Three

Hi Emmett!

Your mom and I came to see you three times today. You were still jaundiced, so you still had to have the special lights on you. You had a feeding tube put in so you could begin eating your mom's milk. You weren't digesting anything quite yet, but it's just like priming the engine for now. Soon you should be digesting and getting some more nutrition. Your nurse, Macara, showed us how she can suck out whatever's in your tummy to see how much you have eaten. Whatever you haven't yet gets put back in for another try.

Mommy got to change your diaper for the first time today. She told me later that she was nervous, but that she was glad she did it. We are both getting more comfortable being around tiny little you.

It may sound strange to say it, but every time you cry, I smile. It's good to hear your little voice even though you may be upset. For now, you don't cry a lot though, just when you get moved around too much! It's wonderful to see you kick your skinny little legs and your teeny-tiny toes are so adorable.

On our final visit tonight, your nurse for the night, Stefani, turned off the jaundice lights and took your shades off. I got some good pictures of you and you even opened up your eyes to say hello! I know you don't like all the lights right now. Your mom and I took turns comforting you and even held our hands on you together. You're still breathing too fast, but the nurses and doctors assure us that your lungs will continue to develop and eventually you'll slow down. Then we can hold you!

Night night little one,
Your Dad, Jason

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