Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Two

Dear Emmett,

Today you got to meet your mom for the first time. She cried when she saw how little you were, but she was very happy to see you. I showed her how to cuddle your head and feet. The nurses had to put you back on the CPAP machine because you were still breathing too fast. You were also jaundiced, so you got to wear a tiny pair of protective sunglasses and sit under a special light. You lost some weight from when you were born, but that is natural. In fact, your weight will go up and down for a little while before you start to gain some and grow. We also learned that you have A positive blood. Most importantly, we gave you your name today! We wanted to wait until both your mom and I got to see you. Everyone loves your name and we think it suits you perfectly.

You got to meet a lot of new people today. In addition to your mom, your grandparents came to visit. Grandma Joyce came to see you in the evening and she cuddled you like your mom and I did. She was so excited to see you. Grandpa John didn't see you because he was worried he might be sick and that could make you and the other babies in the NICU sick. You will get to meet him soon.

Grandma Toni and Grandpa Eddie came up after dinner and got to see you too. They took lots of pictures and oohed and aahed over you. They love you and can't wait to hold you.

I love you,
Your Dad, Jason

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