Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Seven

Hey buddy!

We just got back from another good visit with you in the NICU. Your bili levels only went up a tad bit this morning, so they were able to take you off the lights. Even better, they took the velcro dots off your face! Every day we get to see more and more of you. The other surprise we found was that the nurses gave you some clothes to wear. So far you've just been chillin' in a diaper, but now you're wearing a tiny onesie. The first day I came down to the NICU, the nurse told me that once they've put you in donated clothing, we can look to put you in clothes we've made or bought for you. I'll have to go through my stash of baby clothes and see if I have anything small enough. Though I'll likely wait a few days, just in case.

Since it's Saturday, we had time to visit with you longer. I held you skin-to-skin for over an hour and your mom held you the same way for almost two! Your tiny little body felt so warm laying on my chest. I can't wait to do it all the time at home. We'll be back later with some more visitor, Grandma and Grandpa Maynard want to come to see you again.

Love you son,

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